Saturday, December 18, 2010


I apologize for the lapse in posts peeps. At some point during my non-stop study hibernation the mister told me that his family was coming for Christmas. Since I was immersed in Mitosis and Cellular Respiration this information meant nothing to me. 

Well it means something now. 

For the last four days I've been in the middle of Christmasmadness. You have to say it really quickly. Christmasmadness! 

The house is almost done. I have one more project that I'm doing and then I'm finished. And I'll post pictures, I PROMISE!

Then I get to start preparing for Christmas dinner with the parents. Oh and the misters twin brother, he's coming too and he's staying here. And we just temporarily adopted a dog. Our friend J is going to Florida to meet her new boyfriend's parents. Ooooooo! And we're taking care of Petey for her.

We love Petey, him and Mutley the Wonder Dog were puppies together.  Besides now it's like a parade whenever I do something both dogs follow me around the house so I feel like the crown makes more sense now. 

Goodnight friends! 


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