Sunday, December 19, 2010

Five favorite things for a gloomy Sunday...

Hey peeps! This will probably be the first post of the day I still need to do a Christmasmadness post. I wanted to share some things that I am currently obsessed with because you know I love to share, and I love lists. It's what they call a win-win situation. 

My five favorite things this gloomy Sunday morning...

1. At the misters Christmas party last week I won this awesome blanket. It's the warmest, most wonderful thing in the entire world. Seriously. I know they got it at Kohl's but it wasn't on the website, it does look a lot like this one from CSN Stores.
Seriously dude, it's effin' cold here!

2. I made these cookies last night. They're delicious! Completely tames the chocolate craving and are nice and light. Plus they're somewhat healthy because they have whole wheat, but I did use butter and eggs instead of the super healthy options they use. (never home)maker is a great blog it's beginning to be one of my favorites. Thanks C for recommending it to me.  

3. I really, really want to make one of these wreaths. I've seen them on a few craftie blogs but this one is my favorite from The Little Apartment:

4. Vintage sugar and cream sets. I know this is weird. Don't judge. 
I've been looking for a sugar and cream set for the house because creamer got cut out of the budget and that's what we're using in the massive amounts of coffee that are being consumed in this house. I'll probably have to do an entire post for this, but this one is my favorite so far: From Etsy
Love it!

5. Polka dots. I don't know where this came from, well actually I do. A few weeks ago on HauteLook there was this dress that I probably should have splurged and bought, but I didn't so now I'm obsessed with finding a cute polka dot dress. I kind of love this one from Modcloth.

Seriously, how cute is that?
Enjoy you're Sunday peeps!


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