Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So tired today....

Today was my second day of school. It went about 126 times better than Monday. 

My Writing teacher is hilarious! She used to work for the bible college here in town. Today we talked about how the nuns used to yell at her all the time.
In Biology we did a lab where we had to pick up beans from the gravel parking lot using only a knife (or forceps, or a spoon, or a fork, but I got a knife). I rocked! I got 9 beans, the most out of my group!

Then I went to the gym and worked out for the first time in three weeks where I got sexually harassed by an old lady. It was awkward.
Thankfully the mister came and saved me.
Then he made me run 3 miles on the elliptical. 
Now I'm stuck on the couch because I can't move my legs.

This picture made me forget my pain:

 Why is an owl in a hat so cute?
I don't care, it just is.

Now it's time for wine, nachos and Survivor.

Don't judge.  

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let's take some time today....

to be thankful.
I've decided to offset my rant from yesterday with a list of all the things in my life I am thankful/ grateful for. I am a very lucky girl, I know this because days like yesterday are very few and far between. And when the mister got home yesterday he took one look at my scrunched and stressed face and just gave me a big long hug and told me that everything was going to be alright in that amazing way he does that makes me believe him. Then he sent me on my way to get pampered. Which of course I got half way to picking up C and realized that I left my wallet at was a day!

So today before attacking my super long to-do list I'm going to take a moment to be thankful. 

I am thankful for:

* Hot coffee, I love my red coffee pot.

* The mist that is happening outside. Those of you in Oregon know what I'm talking about. That amazing mist that happens, where there's just enough to make your hair frizzy.

*My amazing friends. Every single one of them has a special place in my heart and I am grateful to have such an amazing circle of people around me

*My family. This summer I reconnected with a few members of my family, it's an amazing feeling to know these people have been there from the beginning, they're still here and they'll be there in the future.

*Homework. I know this sounds crazy! It took me a long time to get back to school, every homework assignment means that I'm accomplishing my goal.

*My new gray suede boots. I found them at Goodwill for $7 and they are AMAZING! I can't wait to wear them.

*Miss Gypsy. Who knew that this amazing little creature would make me so happy. I love my dog child.

*The mister. He has been my rock, my support and my best friend for the last five years. I love him more everyday and I can't wait to be his wife one day.

*The future. It's a big unknown, but I have a feeling the next few years are going to be pretty amazing! 

These are in no particular order by the way.

So today I challenge you to think of something that you are thankful for.

Do it!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Holy Soft Cheeses Batman....

Today was my first day of school. 
There's not much more to say.

Other than....

It was about the worst day of school EVER!!!!!

Where should be begin? At the beginning? Sounds good.

Since it was the first day of school, I of course, barely slept last night. This makes for a grumpy Jess.

I practically ran to the bus stop this morning, only to wait because OF COURSE the bus was late. Since I've been spoiled with the car I've forgotten the patience it takes to ride the bus. Something I'll need to remember quickly. like by Wednesday.

After finally arriving at school 3 minutes before my class started I walked as fast as I could across campus to get to class on time. I get there and there's a note on the door saying the class has been moved. Luckily there are three of us there and one has a map because I have never heard of a Building 4. We race across campus again, madly search for this mysterious classroom, sneak in and sit down. Of course, in the front. We sit there and after the teacher finishes roll I raise my hand to say that she didn't call my name. Well guess what?!?!! ALL THREE OF US ARE IN THE WRONG CLASS! Oh yes, our class is back where we started. This means that we have to bust ass all the way back across campus to our starting point. By this time we're 20 minutes late to class and this room is TINY, sorry I mean TINY. We walk in, get our syllabus and find a seat. As I was working my way through the tables what happens? Oh I knock over someones coffee and it spills EVERYWHERE! And I mean everywhere.

Welcome to Writing 122, Jessi.

Welcome to my Monday, class. 

From there the day progressed. 
The mister and I had a conversation about friends that are no longer our friends which got my head into a weird place. 
That didn't help for my 3 hour Biology class. 

And the bus ride home was packed. Standing room only would be generous. But I'm sure the guy who was sitting right at my boob line had a great ride!

And it's about 20 degrees warmer than it should be. It's FALL people! Not summer! It shouldn't be 85 degrees! It should be like 65. Get with the program Mother Nature!

Oh and my books still haven't arrived! 

Thank god C and I are getting Mani/Pedi's tonight.  

I wonder if I could fit in her suitcase and go to Hawaii with her?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Death by tulle...

Today I crafted, and there was much rejoicing.

I wanted to make some fall decorations for around the house and thought that a wreath for the front door would be a pretty easy day project. 
I wanted to do a version of this one here:

I'm not a big fan of just Halloween decorations, I like to decorate for the season. That and there was no black tulle at the craft store. 

Here's the supplies you'll need:

3 rolls of tulle
large hoop (I used a cross stitch hoop)

See it's pretty easy, and fairly cheap too. 

Cut the tulle into 14-16 inch strips.
This will be tedious, and you may hate me after the first roll. I'm sorry, really I am.
Then tie the tulle around the hoop, add the ribbon.
Add an embelishment if you like.
Use the ribbon to hang on your door.
Do a little dance.

I used chocolate brown and gold tulle. Here's what it looked like before I added the ribbon:
I'm sorry you're just a tulle. 
Haha! Couldn't resist.
And here's how pretty it looks on my front door:

It sort of reminds me of a tutu.
I love it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It's finally here! My favorite season. Time for falling leaves, crisp mornings, scarves, jackets, sweaters, golds, reds and yellows. Time to make stew and soup and chili, watch football, snuggle with blankets and the dog child. And the mister too! Time to jump into piles of leaves, carve pumpkins and wear boots. 

I love fall. 
I really, really love fall.

I mean I really, really, really love fall. 

Please remind me of that when the rain starts again.


Friday, September 17, 2010

I want to go here...

It was threatening to rain all day today, it started as I was walking out of Safeway and has been pouring on and off ever since. It' been really nice, it's not cold yet and the sight of damp grass in my backyard and the smell of fresh rain makes me very happy. 

Nonetheless, I want to go here:

 Golden Triangle Resort in Thailand

Or here:

Kandalama Hotel in Sri Lanka

Or relaxing by or in any of these infinity pools:

Sheraton Waikiki

    Rangali Island Maldives

But my favorite, the one I would most want to spend some time with the mister in, is this one:
 Tat Kuang Si Waterfall in Laos.
There's 25 of them, and they are all stunning. Check them out here
Do it.
I recommend before bed time, or nap time...guaranteed good dreams.  

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The weather it is a changin'

It's officially fall. Yep, I said it. O-fi-cal! How do I know?

Last night was the finale of Big Brother. Yay Hayden, but I think Lane and Brittney need their own show.

And the five day forecast is rain, rain and more rain. 

So it's fall. 

And on top of it all, I think I'm coming down with something. 
I spent all day in bed today watching Grey's Anatomy. Not necessarily because I wanted to (even though I really did) but because I had no energy to do anything else. In fact by the time I cleaned up the house, picked up the mister and the veggies I was spent. I've been on the couch ever since. And the mister has been pretty great, he even went and got me vanilla ice cream and 7-up (the magic ingredients for a cure).

Now I'm watching Top Chef: Just Desserts. 
I'm sure it will make me want to bake.
Probably not a good idea given my situation.

Time for ice cream.



Monday, September 13, 2010

A few thoughts, mostly on the VMA's

When I was growing up I remember watching MTV and seeing music videos. Now I watch MTV and see Jersey Shore and Teen Mom. And the VMA's were a big deal, the biggest award show of the year for anyone under the age of 25. 

I have a few thoughts on this years event:
  • Chelsea Handler, I think you did great. But you didn't make fun of anyone so I was kind of disappointed. But you looked smokin' hot!
  • In the Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West battle I think that Kanye definitely wins.Please see this article from NPR, they say it perfectly. Taylor your song was sappy and hard to understand. Were you saying you were an innocent, or were you saying Kanye was? Kanye at least owned his douche-bagginess and I kind of loved his song.
  • Cher still looks amazing! Seriously, she should just wear that sequin catsuit all the time. Even to Safeway. Like Cher goes to Safeway.
  • The best part about Linkin Park's performance was the sunset from the Griffith Observatory.
  • And how do you still have an award show for music videos when you don't even play music videos? My vote is to move it to VH1. 

That's it. 


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back to the future...

Now I know you've been on the edge of your seat all weekend waiting for the pictures from 80's movie night. So here you go:

First I went to pick up C and met her out of town company dressed like this:

Needless to say by the time I arrived at my cross town destination I had forgotten how I was dressed until I suddenly felt the need to explain my outfit. 
Then C and I headed over to J's. But first we had to stop and get supplies. 
Again I forgot how we were dressed and kept wondering why people were staring, or why that guy let me in front of him at the store. 
I mean between my dress and C's bitchin' denim jacket, well it could have been a hot tub time machine. 
Did I mention C was in rare form? I'm pretty sure she was hoping someone was crusin' for a bruisin'.

Finally we get to J's where C and I vicariously live through her single girl (though, newly dating) stories. 

 J-in the middle of single girl story

Eventually we started St. Elmo's Fire. We didn't really watch it, because we're girls and we were feeling chatty. Imagine!
Respectfully we waited to take pictures until the end of the evening. Here are the ones that could safely be published:
  These are my friends. 
In all our attempts to get a picture of all three of us, these next two were probably the best we got. Unfortunately one of is moving because we didn't know when the timer would actually go off.

And that concludes the movie night portion of the evening.

C and I went to the bar, still in our 80's wear to meet up with her boyfriend and some friends. 
By that time I was having a horrible allergy attack from J's cat and my eyeballs felt like they were about to pop out of my head. But I'm a trooper and stuck it out. 

When the mister got home yesterday we discovered that he was waking up and getting ready to go the airport at the same time I was walking to my car to go home. 

Time differences are crazy.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Recovery day.

I am exhausted. 

80's night recap tomorrow. Pictures included.

But now it's the Oregon and Tennessee game. Go Ducks!

For now, just think of John Cusack:

Friday, September 10, 2010

Foiled. Again!

I had but one thing I really wanted to accomplish during my time alone. That was to take back the annex, to restore order to the mister's "office", to establish a place we could both use, if we so wanted. I didn't want to take away the man-caveyness, I just wanted to make it look a little nicer. 

Alright twist my arm, I wanted a place where I could easily put up my sewing machine. 

Well, that's not happening. My plan for today was to hit the thrift stores and find a rug and some storage and seating options for the room. And to find a collapsible table for my sewing machine. 
I was so excited to get this done since the most I see of the annex is when I pop in to tell the mister that dinner is done, he has a phone call, or to drop off laundry. 

So last night when I finally opened the door to see exactly what I was dealing with I was surprised to find this:
  A total HOT MESS!
 And let's not talk about the smell that hit me square in the nose. After making sure nothing was going to reach out and bite me I carefully entered the room. I thought maybe it wasn't as bad as it looks...
 I was wrong. It was as bad as it looks. 

That's for you mister, "I'll clean the room before I leave"
So plans, they changed, now we have a Sunday project! 
Notice the "we." 

Today instead of thrift stores I went to Target to buy some curtains, and a few other things I ABSOLUTELY needed.

Today was all about retail therapy. 

And tonight, well it's 80's movie night!

'Nuff said.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Now I know how Macauly Culkin felt in Home Alone...

except Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern haven't stopped by for a visit yet. 

Here's what I've done today:
  • Slept in for as long as the dog-child would let me.
  • Enjoyed some coffee and Kahlua with my raspberry danish
  • Watched the first half of the second season of Veronica Mars
  • Did a load of laundry. So I wasn't completely useless.
  • Stopped at the grocery store for spaghetti ingredients
  • Had some gym therapy with C
  • Planned 80's movie night with J
  • Realized I took the meat out of the freezer too late
  • Made a mimosa
  • Put on Veronica Mars
  • Thought that the loaf of Parmesan bread I bought at the store looks great for dinner, if only I had some cheese.
And that brings me to where I am now. Watching Veronica Mars with Gypsy deciding whether or I should make spaghetti which involves chopping, and assembling. Or, eating a loaf of bread for dinner. The loaf of bread is winning.

It's probably a good thing I only have one more day of this.

My summer vacation.

The dog-child and I just returned from our first road trip/vacay together. We went to see my dad, a mere 5 hours away. Funny that it seemed soooo much longer than the eight hour drive I used to have to do when I lived in Coeur d' Alene. 
The mister is visiting his parents in South Dakota and will be back on Saturday. You know what that means for me? I get to:
  • Watch as much trashy reality tv that I want without fear of ridicule.
  • Make spaghetti!
  • If I don't want to clean up the house before 3:30, I don't have to.
  • Sleeping in because I'll get the car no matter what.
  • 80's movie night with the girls!!!!
Alright so the last one I could do whenever, but I thought there should be an even five. Or an odd five. Or whatever. 

I miss my mister, don't get me wrong, but everyone needs their own time. 
Or is that just an only child thing?

So now it's time for me to say goodnight. I have three episodes of Days of Our Lives and a pint of Ben & Jerry's calling my name.  
Don't judge.

Here's a few pictures from the drive up. It's the only time I took pictures. Yeah sometimes that happens. 
Leaving town.
My exit.
Road coma. Somewhere in Washington.
Water! That means we went the right way.
Happy Gypsy. But she hates rest stops.