Friday, April 15, 2011

A Dream Come True...

Here's a funny story. It happened just last week while my Mom was in town. Really this is hilarious. Prepare yourself.  
Honestly it's not that funny, but it is really sweet and still worth reading. So continue...

It just so happened that my mother's arrival coincided with me running out of various items that can only be found at Costco. Funny how that happens sometimes, right?  

Also because my momma was in town the mister was on his best behavior, and because she has magical-super-mom-powers she somehow convinced him to accompany us on our trip to Costco. These powers she has, they are crazy. I think she's a wizard. 

After eating every sample available and going down every aisle at least once,  I start to hear some commotion happening between the mister and my mother. Instantly I can tell they are in cahoots. This is not good. 

Suddenly I am surrounded. I try not to panic.

"You know she never lets me buy her anything." the mister says on my right.

What? Where does he come up with these things? What is he trying to pull?

"Really mister? Daughter, I think we need to revisit this gift receiving subject." 


"What's the one thing you've always wanted that you haven't got yet?" 

Oh, he's just walking into this one!

Holding my left hand in the air and batting my eyelashes I innocently reply...
"A diamond."     

Sometimes I just can't help it. 

"Right, besides that."

I don't know.
A working dishwasher?
A trip to Spain?
New flooring in my kitchen?
A free for all shopping spree at Nordstroms?

I was so caught-up with trying to remember what I really wanted that I failed to notice we had crossed the store and were suddenly standing in front of the Kitchen-Aid mixers. 

Oh right!
This is what I have always wanted!

So what ensued was a highly annoying debate between the mister and me over what mixer would be going home with us that day. Apparently it wasn't an option to leave the Costco premises without one. 
    Isn't it just so pretty! 
I couldn't believe it, I still can't actually.
It catches me off guard sometimes and then I remember that it's mine and I get giddy.

Thanks mister! 
And mom the great wizard!

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  1. What a wonderful gift! I bet it has flour stains on it already! Woot!

    At the diamond comment, I thought this was headed somewhere else... :-)

    Woot for Kitchen Appliances that make you happy!