Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello? I'm not dead!

Hello interweb peeps! Thank you for your patience and I'm sorry I've been absent the last, well...ahem...month and a half. What?!? I've been really busy with school and life and just needed a little break from blogging. But the gray shell of winter is starting to melt off and I'm ready to come out of hibernation!

During my hiatus I thought of ways to revamp this little corner of the web and am really excited to share them with all of you. So get ready for some new projects, new recipes and new ideas that I can't wait to share. 

To start off I wanted to do an update on my 29 before 29. Probably more for me and to see just how on track I am with my goals. Eekkk..this could be scary!

29 Things before I'm 29:

Read 12 for pleasure books (2/12: My Horizontal Life and Empire Falls)
Read 6 books that will teach me something
Get accepted to UO
Win a scholarship to UO
Get a job in my future field (whatever that is)
Become a better far-away friend/relative
Buy, wear and look damn good in a bikini this summer
Take a trip with the mister
Get the car into the garage
Organize all my craft stuff
Make a compost pile
Plant a garden
Spend more time with my girl friends (check!)
Bring back date night
Do something creative 30 minutes a day
Make 12 new craft projects
Take more pictures
Go on a mini-road trip with Sparkles
Have dinner with my sister
Do a body-cleanse
Put together my family recipe book
Start a family picture wall for our little family
Graduate from Lane with a 3.5 GPA or better
Go to a play
Acquire grown up living room furniture (a futon for the office sort of counts, right?)
Purge the house
Organize what's left
Become a volunteer (check, I start volunteering at Oregon Toxic Alliance tomorrow!)
Be a better blogger

Alright so I still have a lot of work to do but at least I can check some stuff off the list. Progress counts, right?
Stay tuned friends for new posts, I'm setting aside time every day for a new post. And please subscribe to get email updates every time I post. The gadget is just right up there in the corner. Can you see it? 


  1. Progress counts! Keep working at it! :-)

  2. OH! and we need to talk about seeds for the Garden... I know I will have too much for ours... maybe we can share!

  3. Yes Elizabeth we do need chat about gardens, one more thing to talk about this Saturday!