Saturday, April 23, 2011

A week in review... it really Saturday? Where did this week go? Let's rewind:
Sunday: baking day and Scream marathon with Sparkles and Ashley
Monday: School.
Tuesday: Homework and housework then Scream 4 with Sparkles and friends. Oh and the car battery died at the movie theater. That was AMAZING!
Wednesday: School which included a field trip for  me and the mister getting a new battery in the car. Then an impromptu Survivor night with Sparkles. 
Thursday: Early morning bike ride with Amy and then errands.
Friday: Volunteered at an Earth Day celebration for Oregon Toxics then drinks with Sparkles and Amy. I also bought a new bike seat and lost my iPod. Wah, wah. On the plus side I did conquer a little of the fear I have of riding my bike in traffic. So that was good. And I also found the way NOT to go when I want to bike downtown in a hurry. Another plus.

So that leaves us with today. Today I joined my friend Jessika and went to Saturday Market then out to the Oregon Country Fair site for a wildflower walk. It was really neat to be out at the fairgrounds when it was empty, it is such a beautiful area. 
 It was also really cool to be out there with Jessika. I've never been to Country Fair but she goes every year so she knew what empty booths are what. She told me what this one was but I can't remember now...

The main reason for being out there was to see the massive amount of wildflowers that are in bloom around the property. It seemed like wherever we looked there was a new type of flower and, we probably looked at thirty plants. I took tons of pictures but not all of them turned out like I would like.
I'm adding here the ones that are decent and because I'm a huge plant nerd now I have the Latin name and common name on them. I'm sure nobody will appreciate this more than my Botany Buddy Ashley! Anyway, I just wanted to warn now you've been warned...beware of the flowers, they have names. I think my brain is about to implode from exhaustion...that's probably what I should have warned you about. 

Oh wait...
There are two different types of Trillium... 

One of these things is not like the other!
The Giant Trillium has its flower sitting directly on the leaves while the Western Trillium has some stem between its leaves and flower. 
Show us your stems Trill!

Not to be confused with....

 That Solomon...he's a trickster!

 Next week I'll be working on my time management skills and I hope to do more than one post a week.
I have some new recipes to share so stay tuned!

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  1. What lovely pictures! I bet you had a great time!

    You seem quite busy enough for people to only expect 1 post a week! Being a good student takes an incredible amount of time.

    and you have a new mixer... I mean... really! Making yummies... or blogging.... hummmmmm :-)