Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thirsty Thursday at the Ballpark

This week the mister and I went to a baseball game. Here in Eugene we have a single A farm team for the San Diego Padres. We used to go a lot when they were at their old stadium, but even though their new stadium is within walking distance we never went before last week. 

There was something magical about watching a game at Civic Stadium. It was an old ball park with a wooden grandstand that always felt like it was going to fall down at any moment. You knew the game would be horrible but it was okay because you got to look out over the beautiful south hills of Eugene and watch the sunset. Plus, beer was cheep and they brought it to you. 
 Last game at Civic Stadium, September 2009

Now they play at the ballpark that was made for the new U of O baseball team. One of the perks of having an alum like Phil Knight (who is the CEO and founder of Nike) is that we have some pretty amazing sports facilities. In the past two years he has donated a new basketball arena, Matthew Knight Arena, and PK Park, the new baseball stadium. It's a beautiful stadium, everything is brand new and shiny, it's just not the same. And they don't bring you beer. Seriously? I mean, this is baseball! Seriously. Get it together people.

 Walking up to the stadium, which is in the parking lot of Autzen, the football stadium. We like to keep it simple.

Waiting in the beer line. Obviously the mister is super happy about it. 

 Mister and his friend James, this was right before the third base coach got thrown out. 

Nachos on a hot dog? Okay. Why not?

At least there are still the sunsets. 

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