Monday, August 1, 2011

Where I've been and where I'm going...

Hello Peeps! I hope you will forgive me for my recent radio silence. Let me catch you up on what I’ve been up to.

I took a little trip home
In June I went back to Idaho for a week and spent some much needed time with my family. I spent time on beautiful Lake Coeur d’ Alene with my Mom and two Aunts. It was definitely a memorable trip!       

I also got to see some old friends; my oldest friend from back home lives close to my Mom so I skipped down there to meet her husband and catch up. It was the first time in 10 years and I couldn’t believe it had been that long; it was much too short of a visit.

I went to a wedding with the mister’s parents.
This was a lot more fun than it sounds. Right after I got back from Idaho the in-loves came for a visit. The girl that was practically his sister got married over July 4th weekend and they came for the festivities. It was a beautiful wedding and I am so happy for Sarah and Brian. 


(Oh yeah and I caught the bouquet. There is no evidence so you have to take my word for it. But I caught it, no matter what Sarah Marshall says.)

My brain went on vacation.

                The whole point of skipping summer school was to give myself a break before I start at the University in the fall. Well I have definitely given my brain a breather. You know that major heat wave that struck the rest of the country? Yeah, well, it didn’t make it this far.  Our summer just arrived last Friday, seriously. It was pretty bad. I snuck this photo when the sun graced us with her presence one afternoon.

I rediscovered Melrose Place.
                The one good thing about the crappy weather is that Netflix added Melrose Place to their Instant Queue.  I’m still in the first season, before Heather Locklear, so it’s been great. I had forgotten how cheesy those first episodes were. Oh the 90’s.  So much drama. Gypsy loved it.

I baked. A LOT.
                There has been a lot of baking and cooking going on up in here. Oh and I found the most amazing cookies ever. EVER. I’m pretty sure they’re the best things I’ve ever made. EVER.
                Don’t worry; I’ll share the recipe soon. But here's a picture, just to tease you. 

I had my orientation day at University of Oregon and registered for my classes. 

             Since I read my acceptance letter it never really felt true until I registered for classes. Now it’s real. I’ve taken the official tour, I have my student I.D. (which works, I got to ride the bus for free today. yay!), and I’ve registered for my fall classes. I’ll be taking:

SOCIOLOGY 304: Community, Environment and Society- Interrelationship of social and environmental factors in human communities, processes of community change, impact of environmental change on human communities.
ANTHROPOLOGY 270: Introduction to Biological Anthropology- Examines the biological aspects of the human species from comparative, ecological, and evolutionary perspectives. Explores theoretical and methodological issues in biological anthropology.  
GEOLOGY 308: Geology of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest- The region's geologic and tectonic history and the plate tectonic processes responsible for its evolution.
PLANNING, PUBLIC POLICY & MANAGEMENT 418: Introduction to Public Law- Administrative law, including introduction to legal research, for public administrators. Administrative procedures, implementation of policy through administrative law, judicial review, and practical applications in public agencies.

                I’m such a nerd I get a little giddy when I see my schedule. I know it will be difficult but I am super excited.

I landed a sweet new job.
                This is probably the best part of summer, and I actually got the news the day after I registered for class. It couldn’t have been more perfect. My friend and her mom work in this small office and needed some help so they hired me. It was almost too easy so I was a little iffy about it until today when I started. It’s legit. I’ll be working for a paper company that supplies Fraternity and Sororities across the country with stationary. It’s a local company, started by some UO grads. And they’re more than willing to work with my school schedule, so much so that I basically make my own schedule. I’ll be working Tuesday, Thursday and Friday because they wanted to make sure I had the ability to use the tutoring centers and have enough time for studying. It’s basically everything I hoped for.

                So now that you’re pretty much caught up I have lots of new post ideas coming up. I’m pretty excited. You should be too. Seriously.

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  1. I'm glad you had an awesome trip and congrats on the job! I like your classes. I have similar interests; I'm happy for you. It must feel like such a relief to have everything proper, administratively. I believe the administrative hurdles involved in getting into college can be the most stressful part of the whole experience. I hope you have great fun. I would be happy for you to teach back to me the material to see how much you've learned. It has been said that the best way to learn is through teaching the material you're supposed to know. I learned new things whenever I experienced music from the side of an instructor. I wish you the best!