Thursday, June 3, 2010

30 Day Challenge: Days 7 and 8

Good morning, good morning! I couldn't post my Day 7 of the challenge yesterday because I accidentally left the power cord to my computer at school. I guess I got distracted after I got my nose pierced. Yep I re-pierced my nose at school, not myself of course! They were having a street fair and one of the piercing studios was there offering free piercings so I got a wild hair and did it between Environmental Politics and Religion. Nice day at school!
Day Seven of the challenge was a picture that makes you happy and day Eight is a picture that makes you angry. I think I'm going to switch these though and have the photo that makes me angry first, then the photo that makes me happy! You know, to end on a good note!

Here's something that should make everyone angry, or scared. It should at least make you think about the food your eating. 
Confused about what you're seeing? These are pictures of hamsters that were fed Genetically Modified soy which is currently 91% of the US soybean fields. The hamsters were fed this soy over two years and three generations. By the third generations the hamsters had hair growing inside their mouths and they were sterile. This study was done by the Institute of Ecology and Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences and National Association of Gene Security. The actual study should be published in July of this year but you can read the article on the Institute for Responsible Research website here (READ IT!!!). Honestly I'm tired of hearing about genetically modified food being researched everywhere in the world, except for the US. Before I get to intense on this subject let's switch to something happy. 

Have you seen any pictures of my Gypsy dog when she was a puppy??!?!? Here you go, puppy happiness:

Puppy Happiness! What did I ever do before her?
So read the article about the hamsters, then look at the adorable puppy pictures, you'll feel better.

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