Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Books, Bikes and Bananas

Ahhh....summer vacay I love it! I spent most of yesterday checking for my grades to post until I realized that it was Tuesday and they post on Wednesday. So I went to the library and finally got my library card and picked up six books to kick off my summer reading extravaganza! Book reviews are in the future peeps! 
I did find out that I get financial aid for the summer which is a big relief because I was wondering what I would have to do to pay for my class. I want to register for another class but the one that I want is full, drats! It's Art of the Western World and offered on-line, plus the mister took this class so we already have the book and he can help me pass it. I'm thinking of emailing the professor or just checking every day to see if someone drops it. Fingers crossed!
To continue my task of the 30 day challenge days 12 and 13 are a fictional book and a non-fiction book. Hmmm...
A fictional book that I like:
Saving Fish from Drowing by Amy Tan is a great story. I had never read any of Amy Tan's books before this one but she definitely has my eye now. The story is narrated by Bibi Chen an antiques dealer in San Fransisco who unexpectedly dies before a trip with friends to Bhurma. The friends go on the trip where they misunderstand most of the culture they are immersed in. The story is great and the characters  are endearing, even if they do some really dumb things throughout their journey. 

On the other side of the library a nonfiction book:
 I love this book! I had to read it for my Nature and Religion class this last term and it seriously changed my life. Swimme is a genius and the way he tells the universe story and how we came to be is just amazing. It also has one of my favorite quotes in it:
             "Perhaps the entire natural world is a tremendous party, a festival,    and we the long awaited champagne."

Perhaps we are...

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