Sunday, June 6, 2010

30 Day Challenge: Days 9,10 and 11

Geesh has it been a crazy couple of days?!?! The last official week of classes was last week, and now it's time for finals. I'm so excited to be done, but at the same time I just want it to be OVER! I have two finals tomorrow and I'm obviously doing an amazing job at studying while I update my blog. 
Before I get to the actual challenge posts I just have to share what happened last night at the bar! We went to see our friends band, JTT (Just the Tip, insert jokes here....) for their last show in Eugene until August. When we got to the bar the band that was playing was, well, interesting to say the least. The lead singer had a tiger costume on and they were playing some sort of punkish music, more like a "my friends and I are in a band" feel, not like an actual serious band feel. Anyway at some point the tiger costume came off and under that he was wearing a floor length, long sleeved, turtlenecked gold sparkle knit dress. So much better, right? Well the lead singer pointed me out in the bar and started calling me Tina Fey, which is okay by me. Besides the fact that he said it about 10 times and at one point came down into the audience and had me sing a song with him, the lyrics of which were, "life is hard, suck my dick." Yep. It's always an interesting night when you go out in Eugene. So now I have a new nickname and JTT has a new spokesperson in Tina Fey. I guess it could be worse...

Let's get this challenge started so I can go study...

Day Nine is a photo I took:

This was taken at the park behind my house, where Gypsy gets to run and play.

Day Ten was a photo of me taken over ten years ago:

 That's me and my Granny, I've shown this in a previous post. I was 4, notice the nice 1987 mullet?!?! Totally Radical!

Day Eleven is a photo of me taken recently:

 This was taken as part of a group project for my final in Nature and Religion...There are four of us in the original all in a tree.

Okay, now I must study...blerg.

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