Friday, November 5, 2010

Fresh Food Friday!

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by for another Fresh Food Friday! Sorry that I didn't get one done last week, I was so sick! But I'm better now, and ready for action! 
If you stopped by because you heard about this from Lynn in the Good Food Easy newsletter, welcome! I do this every Friday, I try to get it out before 5:00, but as you can see sometimes that just doesn't happen. You are welcome to subscribe to my blog and you'll be notified when I post something new. 

This week I was really excited to get my bag-o-goodies! We got bananas! I know, I couldn't believe it either! They're GROW bananas and when they're purchased a portion of the money goes to help schools and community resources in villages. As if bananas could taste any better, these ones are infused with good karma. 

Along with the bananas we also got:

Mei Qing Choi (like Bok Choi), Eggs, Red Onions, Yukon Gold Potatoes, Gala Apples, Bananas, and a beautiful Pomegranate. It's almost as big as dog-child's itty bitty head!

This week there's not a lot of recipes to share. We go through bananas like whoa around here and they're already almost gone. The pomegranate the mister and I will share (can you believe I've NEVER eaten a pom?!?!). The eggs and potatoes will probably be used for breakfast tomorrow. 

For the Mei Qing Choi I just looked up recipes for Bok Choy and found this salad recipe I think I'll make with Chicken, it seems really easy. 
Baby Bok Choy with Yellow Bell Peppers

I have a pretty large supply of apples at the moment and I'm thinking of making some apple muffins with them this weekend.

The red onions will probably be used in various recipes throughout the week. We always use onions. 

Thank you for stopping by, come back next week! And by then I'm hoping that those pesky tabs will be working! 

Happy Friday!

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  1. I've never eaten a pomegranate either! It'd be great if you'd post some basic how-to's - like how to cut it and how to eat it :)