Monday, November 1, 2010

Giants win the series! Giants win the series!

The Giants won! The Giants won the World Series! 

I can't believe it! After watching so many (over 140 out of 162) games this season they actually won the Championship! If someone would have told me that this would be happening back in June, or July or even in September I would have told them they were crazy! 

Let's talk about the crazy emotions that have run through me this evening...
Innings 1-4: Typical Giants baseball, but these guys want it. And Timmy was on FIRE. He understood that this was THE game. 

5th Inning: After eating a ton of leftover Halloween candy in the first four innings I crashed. I napped. It happens.

6th and 7th Innings: Did the dishes. And almost stabbed myself with a butcher knife when Renteria hit that three run homer. 

8th Inning: Commentated from the couch while the mister made dinner. Also ran interference with the mass amounts of texts he was getting.

9th Inning: Tried to eat dinner but was to nervous. Watched my boyfriend Brian Wilson load the count with 2 outs and strike out Cruz to win the game!

Then the jumping up and down started! The mister and I had to choke back tears watching our team celebrate on the field. After so much torture, so much disappointment during the season we WON. We FUCKIN' WON! sorry about the language. 

For the fans who never stopped believin' 

Man I can't wait until next season.  

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