Thursday, November 4, 2010

Slowly losing my mind...

You may notice a new feature on this lil' ole blog. Notice the tabs? The double tabs? Cause sometimes one just isn't enough.

This weekend I mentioned my Fresh Food Friday section to my CSA farmer and she sent it out in the weekly newsletter. That's when the madness started. I wanted an easier way for people to find these posts, and other posts for recipes and crafts. I am currently blaming my type A obsessive need to be organized, thanks Grandma!

Last night to no avail I tried. Today I spent most of the day trying, now I have two types of tabs that lead nowhere. And I found a new layout but it required some customizing that I didn't quite get so now I'm waiting for that person to add me to their private blog so I can get all the proper directions! UGH!
Who knew blogging would be so hard?

So please bear with me while my site is under construction, I swear it will look amazing when it's done! At least I hope...

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