Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My so called life...

Weeeeeelllll.......tomorrow is Thanksgiving! And I'm nearly ready for the event that is supposed to be dinner at my house. 
The green bean casserole is in the fridge, it just needs to be covered in French Fried Onions and baked.
All the ingredients for the stuffing are chopped and the cornbread is drying (and I'm debating on whether to make another batch...)
The turkey is unthawing in the fridge.
The cranberries are ready to be turned into a pie.
The house is super clean.
The air mattress is up in the office ready for me and the mister.
My mom and her boyfriend will be here in a little over an hour.

So why am I currently stressed?


I started making my pumpkin pies and realized that I only had one can of evaporated milk, this was after half of the filling was in one of the crusts. 
I'm currently waiting for the mister to call me so that I can tell him to stop and get evaporated milk.
I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen.
Pretty sure I'll be making a trip to the grocery store because along with evaporated milk we need chicken broth, flowers for the table, and I'm sure there's something else...
The load of sheets and towels that I put in the dryer over two hours ago are still not dry.
I ripped my favorite jeans putting them on this morning.
The dogchild still needs a bath.
The chicken is not unthawed for dinner tonight.
I can't remember if I've eaten anything other than Nutella and Graham Crackers today.
I still don't have my makeup on.
My mother will be here in a little over an hour....

I need a drink.

Happy Holidays!

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