Monday, January 24, 2011

Life lesson for the day...

Today I brushed off my last class and came home early. Don't judge, I had already gotten clearance from my teacher to do this...I just hope she remembers. 
The reason that I skipped class was so that I could get some stuff done today and then have tomorrow to work on school stuff. It seems like everything is due this week. In Biology I have a lab portfolio and a paper due Wednesday along with a quiz. In Research Writing I have 2 assignments due today, 2 due Wednesday including a paper. Oh and my internship...well that's not going so great. Why is it so hard to find a place that will let you work for free?

But I digress...what was I going to do today?

*Grocery shop
*Finish the laundry
*Go to the library
*Hit up the gym
*Go to the bank
*Pay some bills

What have I done so far?
Realized that I should have paid better attention to the classes I signed up for this year and, tried to figure out what classes I need to take so I can graduate to the big kids school all by myself because I am ALWAYS waiting on the school. You see when you apply for graduation they send you a letter telling you exactly what you need to complete your degree...I did this almost two months ago and tomorrow is advance registration for spring term.

Then I got frustrated.

Now I want to take a nap.
Wake me in an hour...

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