Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I learned today...

What did I do today?

I made a cake, and cupcakes. With just a hand mixer cause I'm not cool enough for a fancy stand mixer.

Did a ton of dishes. I do them ALL by hand, I'm pretty sure my dishwasher is the first one ever made.

Took a nap.

Made Brinner. Breakfast for dinner, and this isn't entirely true, I started then almost cut off my finger and the mister finished. Don't worry, I'm okay.

And I learned two important things:

Number One:

  Are your loved ones plotting to eat you?
Created by Oatmeal

That's pretty good right? Only 41% chance that my family wants me for Brinner...could be worse.

Except dogchild didn't get any of the bacon grease tonight...there was evil in those eyes, pure evil.


Number Two:

The Zombie Bite Calculator
Created by Oatmeal

That's right peeps, when the zombie apocalypse happens and I eventually get bitten, you'll have 1 hour and 17 minutes before I turn on you and eat your brains. 


I swear that's what mutley said to me while she was planning my demise. 

What can I say, the bitch likes bacon. 

Like momma like dogchild.

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