Friday, October 1, 2010


Happy October everyone!!!!

It's my favorite month, I love October. It hasn't gotten to cold yet, the leaves start to change, small versions of my favorite candy are available in bulk, the post season for baseball starts, Halloween happens. It's all pretty amazing. 

Something happens to me the first day of October. I've spent most of my afternoon looking up pumpkin recipes. I think there's a baking extravaganza in the works for this weekend. I still have to make zucchini bread for C, so I'm thinking tomorrow during the various sporting events that will be on I'll make that and these cookies but I think I'll use chocolate chips instead of butterscotch. 
Then I'll do my homework. My massive amount of homework that I need to do. 

But no homework tonight, because tonight is the most important baseball game of the season for my boys in San Fransisco. Tonight if the Giants beat the Padres they'll win the pennant! And then they'll go to the playoffs and hopefully get into the World Series!!!! Tonight is also our friend Ira's birthday and his band is playing here in town. I have a feeling we'll only be going if the Giants win, so they MUST win! 


And please, please, please Captain Bochy put in my boyfriend so he can win us the game!

Hellooooo Brian Wilson.
Oh how I wish you played more than one or two innings a game...
(he's the closer, for those of you who don't know. And he's a badass!)



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