Sunday, October 17, 2010

The weekend...

I can't believe it's already Sunday, and that it's already 5:00 pm. Blerg.

We were so busy this weekend, and we even got an extra day! The mister took Friday off work and we ran so many errands it was just madness. 

Friday morning he went to school with me to talk to his counselor while I was in class. Of course this took a lot longer than he thought it would and after talking him out of leaving or taking out an entire line of students we sat down and waited another hour and half for him to have a 10 minute conversation with his adviser. Welcome to Lane, mister. 

After all that at the school we went to breakfast, ran into his boss at the hardware store, hit up the liquor store, grocery store and butchers before FINALLY making it back home. After that I went to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta then proceeded to take a 3 hour nap. Sometimes that happens.

It was the mister's friend James' birthday Friday, he came over so we could feed him and watch the Yankees come back to beat the Rangers. It wasn't....great. But the burgers were good!

Saturday the mister was recovering from all the whiskey he drank with James while I got ready for the BBQ at C's house. Let's just say I got a little stressed. Just a little. 

The BBQ, in honor of our friend Ira whose birthday was while C and her mister were in Hawaii, was great! C and I drank margarita's my mom's recipe. We walked to the store with them in to-go cups, got two leaner's and ringer in horseshoes, lost at beer pong and were out for the count by 10:00. That's what happens when you start drinking at three in the afternoon I guess. 

Today I'm suffering from my night of fun last night. The mister has been awesome, of course. He got me a greasy bacon breakfast burrito from the Mexican place down the street, some chocolate milk and let me be. Hey I have done some laundry today, cleaned up the bathroom and taken a nap...a long one. Now it's time for game 2 of the NLCS. GO GIANTS!

Goodnight lovelies!

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