Friday, September 10, 2010

Foiled. Again!

I had but one thing I really wanted to accomplish during my time alone. That was to take back the annex, to restore order to the mister's "office", to establish a place we could both use, if we so wanted. I didn't want to take away the man-caveyness, I just wanted to make it look a little nicer. 

Alright twist my arm, I wanted a place where I could easily put up my sewing machine. 

Well, that's not happening. My plan for today was to hit the thrift stores and find a rug and some storage and seating options for the room. And to find a collapsible table for my sewing machine. 
I was so excited to get this done since the most I see of the annex is when I pop in to tell the mister that dinner is done, he has a phone call, or to drop off laundry. 

So last night when I finally opened the door to see exactly what I was dealing with I was surprised to find this:
  A total HOT MESS!
 And let's not talk about the smell that hit me square in the nose. After making sure nothing was going to reach out and bite me I carefully entered the room. I thought maybe it wasn't as bad as it looks...
 I was wrong. It was as bad as it looks. 

That's for you mister, "I'll clean the room before I leave"
So plans, they changed, now we have a Sunday project! 
Notice the "we." 

Today instead of thrift stores I went to Target to buy some curtains, and a few other things I ABSOLUTELY needed.

Today was all about retail therapy. 

And tonight, well it's 80's movie night!

'Nuff said.

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