Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back to the future...

Now I know you've been on the edge of your seat all weekend waiting for the pictures from 80's movie night. So here you go:

First I went to pick up C and met her out of town company dressed like this:

Needless to say by the time I arrived at my cross town destination I had forgotten how I was dressed until I suddenly felt the need to explain my outfit. 
Then C and I headed over to J's. But first we had to stop and get supplies. 
Again I forgot how we were dressed and kept wondering why people were staring, or why that guy let me in front of him at the store. 
I mean between my dress and C's bitchin' denim jacket, well it could have been a hot tub time machine. 
Did I mention C was in rare form? I'm pretty sure she was hoping someone was crusin' for a bruisin'.

Finally we get to J's where C and I vicariously live through her single girl (though, newly dating) stories. 

 J-in the middle of single girl story

Eventually we started St. Elmo's Fire. We didn't really watch it, because we're girls and we were feeling chatty. Imagine!
Respectfully we waited to take pictures until the end of the evening. Here are the ones that could safely be published:
  These are my friends. 
In all our attempts to get a picture of all three of us, these next two were probably the best we got. Unfortunately one of is moving because we didn't know when the timer would actually go off.

And that concludes the movie night portion of the evening.

C and I went to the bar, still in our 80's wear to meet up with her boyfriend and some friends. 
By that time I was having a horrible allergy attack from J's cat and my eyeballs felt like they were about to pop out of my head. But I'm a trooper and stuck it out. 

When the mister got home yesterday we discovered that he was waking up and getting ready to go the airport at the same time I was walking to my car to go home. 

Time differences are crazy.

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