Monday, September 27, 2010

Holy Soft Cheeses Batman....

Today was my first day of school. 
There's not much more to say.

Other than....

It was about the worst day of school EVER!!!!!

Where should be begin? At the beginning? Sounds good.

Since it was the first day of school, I of course, barely slept last night. This makes for a grumpy Jess.

I practically ran to the bus stop this morning, only to wait because OF COURSE the bus was late. Since I've been spoiled with the car I've forgotten the patience it takes to ride the bus. Something I'll need to remember quickly. like by Wednesday.

After finally arriving at school 3 minutes before my class started I walked as fast as I could across campus to get to class on time. I get there and there's a note on the door saying the class has been moved. Luckily there are three of us there and one has a map because I have never heard of a Building 4. We race across campus again, madly search for this mysterious classroom, sneak in and sit down. Of course, in the front. We sit there and after the teacher finishes roll I raise my hand to say that she didn't call my name. Well guess what?!?!! ALL THREE OF US ARE IN THE WRONG CLASS! Oh yes, our class is back where we started. This means that we have to bust ass all the way back across campus to our starting point. By this time we're 20 minutes late to class and this room is TINY, sorry I mean TINY. We walk in, get our syllabus and find a seat. As I was working my way through the tables what happens? Oh I knock over someones coffee and it spills EVERYWHERE! And I mean everywhere.

Welcome to Writing 122, Jessi.

Welcome to my Monday, class. 

From there the day progressed. 
The mister and I had a conversation about friends that are no longer our friends which got my head into a weird place. 
That didn't help for my 3 hour Biology class. 

And the bus ride home was packed. Standing room only would be generous. But I'm sure the guy who was sitting right at my boob line had a great ride!

And it's about 20 degrees warmer than it should be. It's FALL people! Not summer! It shouldn't be 85 degrees! It should be like 65. Get with the program Mother Nature!

Oh and my books still haven't arrived! 

Thank god C and I are getting Mani/Pedi's tonight.  

I wonder if I could fit in her suitcase and go to Hawaii with her?

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