Thursday, September 23, 2010

Death by tulle...

Today I crafted, and there was much rejoicing.

I wanted to make some fall decorations for around the house and thought that a wreath for the front door would be a pretty easy day project. 
I wanted to do a version of this one here:

I'm not a big fan of just Halloween decorations, I like to decorate for the season. That and there was no black tulle at the craft store. 

Here's the supplies you'll need:

3 rolls of tulle
large hoop (I used a cross stitch hoop)

See it's pretty easy, and fairly cheap too. 

Cut the tulle into 14-16 inch strips.
This will be tedious, and you may hate me after the first roll. I'm sorry, really I am.
Then tie the tulle around the hoop, add the ribbon.
Add an embelishment if you like.
Use the ribbon to hang on your door.
Do a little dance.

I used chocolate brown and gold tulle. Here's what it looked like before I added the ribbon:
I'm sorry you're just a tulle. 
Haha! Couldn't resist.
And here's how pretty it looks on my front door:

It sort of reminds me of a tutu.
I love it.


  1. I love it! Thanks for posting your version and for adding the length of tulle to be cut. I am still thinking of all the possibilities for a wreath like this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. While I was making it I thought of all the things you could do with it, you really could make it for any season or occasion depending on the color of tulle you used. Thanks for your comment!