Monday, September 13, 2010

A few thoughts, mostly on the VMA's

When I was growing up I remember watching MTV and seeing music videos. Now I watch MTV and see Jersey Shore and Teen Mom. And the VMA's were a big deal, the biggest award show of the year for anyone under the age of 25. 

I have a few thoughts on this years event:
  • Chelsea Handler, I think you did great. But you didn't make fun of anyone so I was kind of disappointed. But you looked smokin' hot!
  • In the Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West battle I think that Kanye definitely wins.Please see this article from NPR, they say it perfectly. Taylor your song was sappy and hard to understand. Were you saying you were an innocent, or were you saying Kanye was? Kanye at least owned his douche-bagginess and I kind of loved his song.
  • Cher still looks amazing! Seriously, she should just wear that sequin catsuit all the time. Even to Safeway. Like Cher goes to Safeway.
  • The best part about Linkin Park's performance was the sunset from the Griffith Observatory.
  • And how do you still have an award show for music videos when you don't even play music videos? My vote is to move it to VH1. 

That's it. 


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